HTTP binding for Thing


i’m trying to add a Thing using the HTTP binding in OH2. I have used the Smart Home designer to create the file /etc/openhab2/items/http.items:

Switch stereoPower {http=">[ON:POST:http://wrt:8080/send_commands?command=stereo-power-on] >[OFF:POST:http://wrt:8080/send_commands?command=stereo-power-off"}

The item shows up in HABmin but not in Paper UI or Basic UI. How can I make it appear there?

is there any way to test the item from HABmin or does it have to be present in Paper UI or Basic UI first?


It turns out I had Simple Mode enabled for item linking. Now that I’ve switched it off I can see stereoPower in my list of things. How do I get it to appear in the Controls section though?

HTTP is a 1.x binding, you won’t see any 1.x bindings in the control section, only 2.x bindings items.
Create a sitemap and add the switch.

Ah, thanks. I’ll try that out!