HTTP binding: input with no transformation

Is it possible to use HTTP binding with no transformation, like “default” in mqtt? Leaving transformation field blank results in a error, so does “default”. The closest thing I found was REGEX((.*)), but invoking regex processing just to return the same string seems like a waste of cpu time for me. Is there a “nop” transformation I could use with HTTP?

There was just recently some discussion about this for the TCP binding:

I think that binding was updated to support “default”. It seems like the same update, for the same reasons should be made to HTTP binding as well.

@watou, does that make sense?

I agree. I think the syntax for <transformationrule> should be the same as in the MQTT binding (and as it will be in the TCP/UDP binding once this PR is further tested and merged).

It might also make sense to have the binding notice if REGEX((.*)) is given, and simply return the entire string, bypassing the actual RegEx code path.