HTTP Binding issue

Hello there,

i just updated fro OH2 to OH3.
Since then i´ve got some probs with bindings.

The TR064 doesn´t work any more for Mac Adress Online to check someones at home and the bigger problem is the http binding.

I use a arduino nano to make a 433MHz signal to switch some poweroutlets per RF Signal.

Switch   GF_Spielhaus    	         "Spielhaus"                <poweroutlet>          (Funkdosen)             ["Switchable"]   {http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:]"}

This works from /ein1 till /ein18 and same for off.

I haven´t programmed the OH 2 by myself just changes some thing with Copy / Paste

The OH3 Binding is much different and i don´t understand how to do it.
Seems i have to make a thing with channels ? Can someone please post a Example for my needs? How i will see much clearer then.

your code goes here