HTTP binding - manual GET of Thing

I have a HTTP binding which grabs an image from the internet every 5 minutes and stores it in an Image item. This is working fine.
Now I also want to be able to grab this image on a manual way, eg by clicking on a button in a widget. Is this possible by calling this http Thing in a rule (DSL)?
Or what is the best approach?

No, but you can use the sendHttpXRequest actions. Actions | openHAB

Did you try sending a REFRESH command to the channel?

I always forget about the REFRESH command. We should probably mention that in the add-on readme. Not all binding support REFRESH (nor does it make sense in all cases).

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Already tried this, but was struggling how-to store the image in a Image item.

Never heard of this possibility. How does this work? Although it’s the thing which needs a refresh, no?

You’ll have to Base64 encode the retrieved binary. There are tutorials on the forum.

Send the Item linked to the Channel the REFRESH command: