HTTP Binding: Request without polling / static refresh

Dear openHAB-User,
is there a possibility to use the HTTP-request without an refresh interval if a want to
get a stats of an value by HTTP.
For some applications i do not need an polling in a defined sequence, would be
good enough to do an HTTP request if a rule demands the value.
Polling the value means traffic on the Network that may cause problems.

Issue here: I want to get (get) an status of an IO-channel of my LOGO-PLC to judge
whether a switch condition is correct or not, a check is just needed if the switch got actuated. Polling all 500 ms works, but i hope to find a solution w.o. idle traffic on the Network.

So, best case:
in: http:"<[:]"

Pls. advice


The refresh is not optional for a very good reason. There is no way to tell the Item when to go fetch the URL otherwise. Perhaps when someone makes a 2.x version of this binding there will be a channel we can use to trigger the fetch but for now you must use the refresh interval.

However, you don’t have to use the HTTP binding. You can use the HTTP actions from your Rules.

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