HTTP Binding - State is always UNDEF

I have a switch, however OH3 does not seem to get the current state.

When i call I get the following response:

{"status": "online", "isTurnedOn": "ON"}

My thing configuration is as followed_

Thing http:url:bewaesserungSwitch1 "Bewaesserung" @ "Garten" [baseURL="", refresh=10, timeout=60] {
		Type switch : setSwitch [stateExtension="getStatus", stateTransformation="JSONPATH:$.isTurnedOn", commandExtension="%2$s", onValue="on", offValue="off", commandMethod="GET" ]

Calling /rest/items/bewaesserungSwitch1 always returns “UNDEF” as StateValue

I assume my state transformation is not correct - What can I do?

Case matters. Your JSON has “ON” but your onValue is “on”. So your transformed value doesn’t match.

Oh, geez - Now I feel pretty dumb :man_facepalming:

But thank you - That helped a lot!!!