HTTP Binding to get Temp from Vera lite device

Im having a problem that im sure someone will be able to help me with but i have spent hours with no luck so far and i thought it would be simple.

My Vera Lite device has some Z-WAVE temp sensors that i can query with a simple http request in chrome and it simply returns the temp like 20.3 the url is

I have created a binding Number temperature1 { http=">" }

and have an item in my sitemap Text item=temperature1 label=“Temperature” icon=“temperature”}

But it get nothing returned at all, on the message bus i get the error can not retrieve item temperature1 for widget org.openhab.model.sitemap.Text

can anyone give me a lead or clue here?



This is the error on the java console im getting

You have incorrect syntax in the binding part of your item config. Review the HTTP binding wiki page for the complete syntax. I’m on my phone so can’t really tell by looking what is wrong but that is what that error means.

Thanks i have read it over and over and cant get my head around it, im thinking in might be posting not GETing the data but the examples only show on:post:… and not how you request a GET.

i have changed my default.items file line to

Number temperature1 { http="<[*)]" }

and now the run java console looks to be getting the data 20.1 but just guests the REGEX syntax un dont understand why its working but still cant get the data into my default.sitemap im using

sitemap default label=“Home” {
Text item=temperature1 label="Temperature " icon=“temperature”

Have you considered using the MiOS binding instead of the HTTP binding to communicate with your Vera?

You need to add “[%s]” to the label portion of your item’s line to have the Item’s value printed to the sitemap. Since it is a Number Item you can also use one of the numerical format strings like %.2f and the like. Look at the demo sitemap and items files fit examples.

Thanks for this Rich I will get that a go as that makes sence, where is this documented as this is what I cant find, I have looked at example sitemaps and see these values but there must be a page where this type of detail is specified.

I haven’t found anything that says on sitemaps to pas a value back you must put [%s] or for a number [%.2f] what does %.2f mean?

It is documented on the Item’s Wiki page under labels. There is a link to the full documentation for % notation. In this case, assuming I remembered the syntax correctly, %.2f means treat the value as a floating point value and only shoe two decimal places.

Thanks heaps I will take a look. I have it working now.