Hi all,

I am using JSONPATH to read out the value for an item. Works quite nice. The value is an integer between 100 and 0.
For my item it would be nice if I could use the inverted percentage (item value = 100 - jsonpath extract). Is it possible to combine JSONPATH with an arithmetic function without having to declare a second item and all this complexity?

The only v2 binding that currently supports chaining two different transforms is MQTT.

v2 bindings would support applying a second transform to the channel via profile, but (a) HTTP is not a v2 binding, and (b) the transform profile is currently limited to strings.

However … javascript transforms are versatile, and handle both JSON and maths. Write a little script and use that with HTTP binding.

I wonder if once could get at least two chains worth by using a transform Profile. Of course you’d be stuck with a String Item, but that might work in some specific circumstances.