HTTP communication between OH2 and Loxone

Need some help with setting up communication between OH2 items and Loxone “items”. Anyone got this working?

not sure but do you mean that you have a loxone binding when you talk about loxone items?

No, theres no loxone binding yet. I was able to get it working using the loxone restful service

Hi, would you mind writing a small guide how you got it working exactly? I have a Loxone installation at my home but would like to add some functionality through an OpenHab installation. But a small guide would help to get me started :slight_smile:

We’re working on a small test case for loxone. So far, we’re able to put a lamp on/off. And dim another one. But I still need to figure out how the slider in openhab should read the current state of the lights. See below

So far the items

Switch LAMP01_ONOFF   "Dinertable"   <light>  (HouseAll)   { http=">[ON:POST:http://USER:PWD@IPLOXONE/dev/sps/io/MODULEID/RELAYID/on] >[OFF:POST:http://USER:PWD@IPLOXONE/dev/sps/io/MODULEID/RELAYID/off]" }
Dimmer LAMP02_DIM     "Sfeer"        <light>  (HouseAll)   { http=">[*:POST:http://USER:PWD@IPLOXONE/dev/sps/io/MODULEID/RELAYID/%2$s]" }

The sitemap:

Switch item=LAMP01_ONOFF
Slider item=LAMP02_DIM

Of course, in this example, change following:

  • USER = Your user (fe admin)
  • PWD= Your password (fe admin123)
  • IPLOXONE= IP-adress (or hostname) of your loxone server (fe
  • MODULEID= address for module (fe 33c7ce60-db3e-11e2-91abde49cd04c455)
  • RELAYID= address of your light/relay (fe AI2)

Next, I need to figure out how I can make the slider represent the same value as the current state. I can already read the value with following http string. If somebody can help me out how this can be ‘translated’ into the slider…