Http get image and store for later processing

Is it possible to fetch an image from an URL and store it for later processing in a rule?
Or would I need to use some external script for this task?
I’m using OH 2.0

Thanks for any hint

Just out of interest…What kind of “processing” do you intend to do with the image?
I saw that Home Assistant has some addins that use some Azure AI magic to analyse and identify people in photos which would be pretty cool/freaky…

See the HTTP Cache configuration.

This will periodically poll the URL and cache the result. The Items that use that result will get their state from this cache instead of making a new request to the original site.

If that isn’t what you are going for, then what you can do is use a String Item to store the whole web page returned and then use your rules to parse that Item’s state as needed.

For the moment I was not even thinking about real image processing or AI applications. I just wanted to delay the sending of alarm messages as I use our phones for presence detection and it could take up to 30s until presence is detected.