Http inels/elkoep

Hi all,
I have just started to use openhab (latest) on an RPi3. It is installed properly. I have an elkoep/inels controller which uses http protocol, it cannot use https, therefore the official addon cannot be used with it.

Do you know how can I connect it?

Checkout GitHub - zdar/elan2mqtt: MQTT client (gateway) for eLan
The project lists that it would be compatible to openHAB.

Oh thanks.
mosquitto is up and running now. It looks like it is also properly connected to the elan-rf-003.
also I could add binding to mqtt in openhab, but I think it is not correct (although the devices were detected)
It looks like I need home assistant mqtt binding, but I can’t find that.

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sorry, that I do not know as I do not use elan-rf-003.
What does not work if you use the MQTT binding in openhab ?

the detected devices are ok, but all of them (the things) are in unknown state. And I have no any idea what should I do now.

This is what I see, just I don’t really understand…


Parent bridge

  • MQTT Broker


You need a configured Broker first. This Thing represents a device, that follows the “HomeAssistant MQTT Component” specification.

Elko EP


  • MQTT Config Topic

Required List of HomeAssistant configuration topics (e.g. /homeassistant/switch/4711/config)

  • MQTT Base Prefix

Required MQTT base prefix

Mosquitto is your MQTT broker.
You need to define a MQTT bridge thing first ( ThingType: MQTT Broker ). OH then is able to connect to Mosquitto.
See MQTT - Bindings | openHAB .

Do you have one ?

Once you have a MQTT bridge the MQTT things ( e.g. Generic MQTT Thing ) can be defined / discovered related to the defined bridge.

Yes, MQTT broker is up and running (as far as I see).
MQTT bridge is defined and able to connect to mosquitto, at least the status is green, online (in openhab).
And now I don’t know how should I continue.

What would you like to do ?

Description of elan2mqtt on github says:

  • Status messages are using topic /eLan/device_mac_address/status
  • Command messages are using topic /eLan/device_mac_address/command
    this should help to setup the MQTT things ( see also MQTT Things and Channels - Bindings | openHAB ).

I would use a tool like MQTT explorer to check the communication of related devices.

Now I start to understand (probably). The github link you posted contains a tool which collected the things and put into openhab, so actually mosquitto is working. But that elan host is still unreachable from openhab. I need to configure that bridging somehow I think.

One way communication from elan to openhab via mosquitto works ?
The way back ( openhab via mosquitto to elan ) does not work yet ?

According to the github project documentation there are two python scripts that are to be executed ( and ) do you run both scripts ?

mosquitto works, but no bridge defined (yet), therefore openhab can reach the broker, but cannot communicate with elan.
The python scripts are configured properly, so they can communicate with the broker and also can reach elan (and find the devices). Also the python scrips can upload the collected devices into openhab (somehow), but those devices are currently useless in openhab, because the bridge is not working (so openhab cannot communicate with them). There is a which calls both python scripts.
That’s what I understand at this moment.

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No, it looks like the real connection chain is:
openhab <=> mosquitto <=> python scripts <=> elan <=> devices
the python scripts (at least one of them) should run continuously to make it work, because that makes the conversion between mqtt and elan. This elan box does not handle mqtt at all, it has only a http interface.

That is why it is called elan2mqtt…
I did not look into the scripts but based on their names I thought one is for reading and one for writing

one thing I have just realized:

here you can see the home assistant MQTT component, which cannot be added if MQTT broker is already set. So first I have to delete the broker, add that component, create the broker and configure home assistant component to use that broker. Probably it is a bug in openhab, or probably it is intentionally designed that way, but it took me more than 2 weeks to catch it.