HTTP post syntax for items file

Hi All,
I am migrating to OH2 2.4 and used the below line in OH1 items file to send an HTTP command to an ESP8266 node running ESPeasy firmware …

Switch	teac1 "Power Control" { http=">[ON:GET:,NEC,81CEE01F,32] >[OFF:GET:,NEC,81CEE01F,32]" }

Have looked at the http binding wiki but cannot get the syntax right.
what is the correct syntax for OH2 items file ?
HTTP binding is installed.

The syntax is basically unchanged for this binding since at least OH 1.8. What you have posted looks correct.

Do you see any errors in the log?

Why are you not using MQTT?

@ Rich Tonight it works :slight_smile: must have missed something last night !

@ vzorglub Tested initially with HTTP and just left it like that,would prefer to use MQTT,now that I think about it.

Been looking on the letscontrolit forum and it appears IR sending is not supported by MQTT,only HTTP post,if the plugin works with MQTT can someone confirm please ?

Want to setup a slider for controlling volume,anyone done this with ESPeasy and pass on some tips ?

Thanks chaps

@Daveps you have to use the @ symbol without spaces.:wink:

Have you read this post.

even better

Just scanning the esp forum seems there are several post about IR and mqtt. If you don’t find something that works as an eap easy plug-in maybe take a look at tasmota firmware.