Http refresh

I’m using in my sitemaps een http get with a refresh of 1 sec to pull my videoimages from a zoneminder server.
Lately, I’ve noticed that the refresh isn’t working always as expected on the OH application on my phone.
In a webbrowser on my computer, the refresh is working every time. But on my phone, I’ve got direct image, but the refresh isn’t working. When I go 2, 3 times back and forwards, sometimes it start to refresh.
Any idea where I can look?

Image url="http://***/zm/cgi-bin/zms?mode=single&monitor=6&scale=100&user=***&pass=***" refresh=1000

Which version of OH are you running
What type of phone are you using?
Is it on the APP? and if yes connected to LAN or via myopenhab?

Sorry, forget to mention all that.
OH2.2.0 is the one. I’ve tested it on 2 different phones (LG V10 and Huwai phone).
What do you mean with ‘on the APP’? 2.1.0 is the android version. And it’s connected over the LAN. Also from outside in (WAN), I see the same behavoir.

A few days ago, I tested it on another installation (not my own), and over there, it was the same. So I guess it has something to do with the app, with the sitemap line or with zoneminder…
But thing is that on a webbrowser (fe chrome), the refresh is working fine.

So OH 2.2,Android phone and app. It’s an app issue already on github I believe.