Http xml update frequency crashing openhabian

  • Platform information:
    *up-to-date openhabian on Rpi 4 4GB
    Hello, I tried getting the net frequency of the European powergrid into openhab by downloading an XML file and extracting the data via XPath. It worked absolutely fine, but I would like to get the information updated about every 10 seconds. But when I set the update time of the HTTP thing to this frequency my openhab becomes nonresponsive and I need to disable the HTTP thing.
    As far as I would guess, downloading a textile of a couple of kB and extracting a simple value from it should not really be an issue for any modern system.

Does anyone know if I am mistaken and if this really is a big thing for an RPi or is this a problem inside openhab?
Thanks for any advice!

Something is wrong but with the information provided it’s impossible to say. Logs? Run top to see if OH is running wild consuming all the CPU or something like that.

It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to process but rules get kicked off too and we don’t know about those.

Also, most publicly available APIs don’t like to be hit that often and might ban you or rate limit you requests. I suppose it’s possible that the HTTP binding gets blocked if the API holds on to the request, but that shouldn’t block all of OH.

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