Https:// not reachable

how can I reach my cometvisu via This Link doesn’t work:
BasicUI, PaperUI, ClassicUI is available via
What do I need to do, to fix this problem?

Browse to it on your LAN and verify that the last part of the URL is indeed comitvisu/?config=demo. I’ve no experience with that UI so cannot be certain that it uses the same URL pattern. Beyond that I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Habpanel also appears to work through

cometvisu/?config=demo is just an example page. This works in my LAN but doesn’t via My productive page doesn’t work via as well. It must be a general problem, not with the URL.

I know that Habmin has problems working through I’ve honestly never seen anyone mention using it on this forum so I have no idea if it has similar problems. I would see so.

What do you mean by your “productive page”? Above you said BasicUI, PaperUI, and ClassicUI work unless I misread your original posting.

Sorry for confusing you. My production page is just “not the demo” page. Both are cometvisu pages, the one (demo) comes with cometvisu standard installation, the production page is my configured and adopted page for my house.