Https:// A new way for the foundation to receive donations

This is based on an open source software (so could even run on the foundation webserver as an instance):

  • Allows to set monthly goals and temporary fundraising goals
  • Expenses can be seen by backers transparently



Sounds like a good idea. I assume it has not been implemented yet? I could not find openHAB there.

It would be great to have an easier way to donate (currently I only know the membership, which involves a bit more admin overhead than I’d like).

Edit: just found the one time pay pal option :slight_smile:

The problem is though, that the foundation is not allowed to pay developers. So even if the foundation has thousands of $/€ and a feature is desperately required, the development cannot be funded.

And that’s why I think that we need to establish either a second entity or move the foundation to another kind of organisation type.

If you look at all the donations that some of the projects on opencollective get to solved specific problems, I feel like OH needs that too. Especially now where no company backs OH development anymore.

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Makes sense. One option would be bounties which can be added to feature requests. That would be great, there seems to be many people with requests and that would be ready to provide a bounty.