Hubitat To OpenHAB

Currenty a Hubitat user and thinking of changing to Openhap. I just want to do some experimenting first to try it out.

I have read a lot on this forum but still confused about a couple things.

For now I just want to access a few devices on my HE hub. I know that HE has the Maker API which can do a Web Socket. But I can’t seem to figure out if that will work to access the devices on OH. Also see a lot about MQTT. I think what I need is a simple tutorial as to how to do that.

For now I am going to use an old laptop running Windows 10 to try out. Then if it all works out buy a PI. Can my configuration be easily transferred to the PI at that time? Or will everything have to be redone?

Thanks all.

I do not believe that OH natively supports subscribing to web sockets. NodeRed does I think which has integration with openHAB.

Yes, you’ll run the backup script, copy that zip file to the RPi and run openhab-cli restore.

I went to Adding Things -Advanced.

I installed Mosquitto and ran it as a service.
Went to Things and added MQTT Broker.
But what do I put in the Broker hostname/IP??
Nothing I try works.

The hostname/IP address where the separate MQTT broker software (i.e. Mosquitto) is running.

I have mosquitto on the same machine as I am trying to run OpenHap. I tried that IP address and it didn’t work.

Well, since you’ve provide absolutely no details… :man_shrugging:

I would be happy to provide details. I just don’t know what details you need. Give me an idea what info and I will get it. Please and thank you.

If this helps.

Windows 10.
OpenHab installed and running.
Installed Mosquitto on same machine. Checked and it is running as a service.
Checked the IP address of the machine. Entered that in the IP field. Clicked ok and it gives me a comm error.

Put localhost for the ip part, and 1883, default port of mosquitto

This is a good start.

Other useful info:

  • Which version of openHAB
  • The contents of the code tab for the MQTT Thing
  • The exact error you see in the openHAB log, if any

Please use code fences for all logs and code.

code goes here

That worked. localhost and the port.

Thank you.

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I have read a long time on Hubitat forums, but I am very confused as to how to do this on the Hubitat end. I have installed the beta3d driver, app and virtual device, but from there I am struggling. I have understood the homie protocol is an essential part here.

Mosquito and OpenHAB are Online and hosted on the same server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.