Hue and KNX dimming

Hi all,

I am still a bit of a newbie to OpenHAB and this is my first post in this forum. So please be tolerant and excuse any stupidity in my question…

I would like to turn on/off and dim a HUE rgb lightstrip from my KNX switches (“MDT tastinterface”).

The connection to my KNX and HUE devices work fine and I learned that I need to configure the following item, in order to achieve what I want:

Dimmer Kitchenlight { channel=“hue:0210:00178860db91:1:color”, knx=“7/0/0, 7/0/1ss” }

7/0/0: GA for On/Off
7/0/1: GA for Dimming

HUE switches and dims fine but “OnOff” and “IncreaseDecrease” act completely independent of each other.

As an example: If I dim down to 10%, then press “Off” and “On” again, the light returns to 10%. Instead I would like it to go to 100% whenever I press “On”.

What’s extra strange is that I see “Kitchenlight changed from 0 to 100” in the log when I press “On” but it still returns to the previous dimmed value instead of “100”.

What am I missing?


Ok, ok…

“Rules” is what I was looking for. Added the following now which somewhat solves my needs:

rule "SetOn"
    Item Kitchenlight received command ON

rule "SetIncrease"
    Item Kitchenlight received command INCREASE

rule "SetOff"
    Item Kitchenlight changed to 0

Still not 100% convinced that decrease/increase always work as they should and also see

no compatible datapoint found for item Kitchenlight (org.openhab.core.library.types.PercentType), check item configuration

errors in the log but good enough for now…

Hi bjoern,

I’d say, the first reaction is just like Hue is desiged: Setting it to 10% and then switching it off and on again resets the bulb to the last set brightness (and color). So only swithing of the mains (eg, take out the plug) brings it automatically to a warm white at 100%. So works as designed :slight_smile:

Regading the second post: My Hues have candleDimmer (which accepts on/off as well as a percentage), candleColor (color, brightness and intensity) and colorTemperature (temp). These three items are controlling different aspects of the bulb. Not sure if you have used the correct items for the respective functions?

Thanks Frank! It’s working with the posted ruleset now…

Great, glad to hear :blush: -)