Hue and zwave things suddenly offline

Hello OH community,

I’ve run into a sudden problem on my OH2.X install which has been running stable for years and unchanged for months.

Last night, Zwave, Hue, and Rachio bindings in my OH2.X install abruptly died, showing all things as “UNINITIALIZED - BRIDGE_UNINITIALIZED”. This is puzzling not just because no changes have been recently made, but also because several bindings died simultaneously. The controllers themselves (hue binding is via IP, zwave is via USB) are fine and report being online, but all associated things are showing the same BRIDGE_UNINITIALIZED error in paperUI.

I’ve taken the following steps with no luck so far:

  • Restarted OH/host
  • Cleared cache and TMP folders
  • Verified only one version of each binding is running.

Hope someone can help!


That is … ah yeah puzzling… and sounds kind of not openHAB related. Like power surge, reset, brown out et. do you run a battery backup? Or hardware failure on the host?

Thanks for the reply. that’s what i’m thinking as well, but not quite sure where to even start troubleshooting.

This is on a ubuntu odroid host. EMMC disk is ok. Nothing unusual (yet) in /var/log. No power outages or surges recently :frowning: