Hue Auto-discovery does not work on all bulbs (RGB / White Bulb)

Hey All,

i have a few hue bulbs which were RGB bulbs.
But: Not all are recognized as RGB Lamps (see the weird percentage)
The Binding might think that it is a white bulb.

This is my item configuration, which seems to be valid for all bulbs in the classic (not paper) UI:

Switch Hue_Switch	"Hue ON/OFF"	{channel="hue:0210:00178827172b:1:color"}
Dimmer Hue_CTemp	"Hue CTemp"	{channel="hue:0210:00178827172b:1:color_temperature"}
Dimmer Hue_Dimm		"Brightness"	{channel="hue:0210:00178827172b:1:color"}
Color  Hue_Color	"Color"		{channel="hue:0210:00178827172b:1:color"}

Can you show the “Thing” of “Hue Flur”? It indeed seems to be a tunable weight bulb and not a color capable one.

Which one is 00178827172b? Bad or Flur?

Hey Kai,
The ID is the same for all 4 Bulbs, only the Bulb number is the difference.
(Bulb 4 is not existant due to inclusion issues, but thats fine)

The issue only affects the Paper UI. I can control the bulbs in the Classic UI, where i added the entrys manually.

the lamp 5 is a different one, it is called LCT001 instead of LCT007, (LCT007 is 10W)
but it can be controlled trough the paper UI, as long as do not bind it to an item in the classic ui.

But in the classic UI it can be controlled without any errors.