Hue binding 2.0 (OH2) - few bugs

Using PaperUI, I installed the hue binding; the bridge was correctly discovered and finally my two lights were discovered too.

My lights are identified as Philips Living Colors Bloom. That’s correct. The stange thing is that only the color channel is then exposed. Why the brightness and color temperature channels are not exposed too ?

So I linked myself in my items file the brightness channel to a switch item and to a dimmer item. That is what I have in my OH1 setup. And here comes a new little bug: when I set the dimmer to 0, the switch is not switch off. Note that it works well in OH1.

Last thing that is a common problem with the hue binding 1.x and 2.0: the color temperature dimmer has no impact on my lights. But strangely the color picker in the Android OH application is able to adjust the color temperature.