Hue Binding auth issue (Second Tasmota Hue Bridge)

Hi Guys,
Im trying to build my OpenHab2 Server to use 2 Tasmota with Hue Bridge. The first one works smoothe.
The second one gets find and added to things, but dont get set Online cause of this failure :

Failed to create new user on hue bridge.

Any suggestions?
Allrdy Deleted Bind, deleted Things, cleared Caches and temp, resetet Tasmota
Wemo Emu dont work with Google Home. Google cant find the lamp.
Thx for ur help

Once it is added as a Thing, its authentication button (in the middle) needs to be pressed in order to authorize the binding to access it.

Im using Tasmota on a Sonff Basic. Pressing the Button did not change anything.

I thought you were talking about a Philipps Hue Bridge …

Hm. Noone?

I believe we need more information to provide assistance.

Are you using sonoff basic or Phillips hue? These are two different things. A picture of what you have might help as well as Posting your items and things files in addition.


You dont need HueBridge to control a Tasmota device.
Best case to control is via mqtt

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Thx for ur help. Solved it with using mqtt and Atom-remote to config files from remote PC.