Hue binding doesn't appear in Eclipse?

So I finally broke down and installed the Eclipse IDE. However, it appears that the UI omits the Hue binding.

The files are there in the filesystem, and I can open them via File > Open, but if I then right-click the opened file and select Show In > Package Explorer, I get a windows error ding and nothing changes…

Has anyone else seen/solved this?

The hue binding is an eclipse binding under org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.hue, so you won’t find it in the openhab2-addons.

It’s also a binding in OpenHAB1 Add-ons, which is where I’m looking for it and can’t find it.

I can see it in the Git Repositories window:

Ups, sorry, don’t know how i came to the thought you were looking at the openhab2-addons.

@namraccr This binding is for OH1 from what I understand? If you need source code access it is available via Github. I’ve just been looking through many hue issues trying to understand the state of the binding, the newer one now lives with eclipse in their ESH repo. You may find this issue comment I made helpful(at least for the links). I’m interested in seeing some more support added to the binding(specifically bridge groups), been told to create a new issue for it which you can find here.