Hue Binding Group function discolored red

I use the new hue binding group function since it was updated.
But if i send a command like GroupKitchenColour.sendCommand(‘30,64,100’) the colour gets more red then it should be.
If i send the same command and values to one light, it’s the correct colour. If i change the colour in the hue app, it shows the same values.
Only the new group function gives a red, wrong colour back.
Has someone the same problems?

Yes I recognised a slight red tint as well.

also I tried to implement a color fader which slowly goes from cold white to warm white adjusting HUE and SAT in the color item by +1/-1 increments … at some point during the fade it always flips to (0,0,x).

Haven’t found a solution yet.

Hi Philipp.
Have you tested the behavior, if you send a scene command? Is there the same red tint?

Hi Markus

No. Scenes work fine.