Hue binding issues

I have followed the wiki for hue and everything almost works, but what I’ve noticed is that if something changes the color property (normally via a rule, but perhaps via the hue app) then the hue will turn on, but the toggle switch will be off. Because me sitemap looks like this:

Switch         item=Toggle_1                                label="Bedroom"
Colorpicker    item=Color_1    visibility=[Toggle_1==ON]    label="Bedroom Light Color"
Slider         item=Dimm_1     visibility=[Toggle_1==ON]    label="Bedroom Brightness" 
Slider         item=CT_Dimm_1  visibility=[Toggle_1==ON]    label="Bedroom Color Temperature"  

the colorpicker is not visible.

I’m thinking about making a fake colorpicker that if set will set the toggle switch to on as a way of fixing this, but I was just wondering what others have done.

Normally that should work, at least it does for me.

There are actually two reasons for such a problem: First is, you are too fast. It will take a few seconds for the item state to be transmitted frm the hue bridge to the OH. The second might be that there is a (well known) problem with your sitemap that it doesn’t refresh automatically. So when you reload the site manually it should be displayed correctly.

BTW: Of course you have checked the switch to be connected to the correct HUE bulb by switching it ON/OFF?!


I only have one hue bulb which makes it easier :smile:

The ON/OFF isn’t always that reliable - I think my hub might be too far away so I’ll re-position it, but I know frequently the toggle switch will be off, but the hue is still on.

Maybe one bulb makes it more complicated in your case :confused: as the bulbs communicate with each other and extend the range of the bridge.

At least that might be a part of your problem if the switch does not work stable…
Otherwise my last post is still valid.


Ok, I move them closer and this definitely isn’t working.

So if I turn on the hue using the hue application, then the item isn’t updated. My guess is that this is just the way it works. Is that how it works for you?

@rossdargan First I’d make sure you are running the latest version of the addon (v1.8 hue binding can be used with 1.7.x), and maybe play with ‘hue:refresh’ in openhab.cfg. For example, set it to a half second instead of 10 seconds (default):


Hope this helps!

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It was commented out - THANKS!!!

Also, I can confirm that my setup accurately updates the OpenHAB Hue item state when changed from other applications - can see it happening in the server logs.


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