Hue Binding not working since 1.8


with the release of OH 1.8 I reinstalled my test system for openhab. Unfortunately the paring process with the Philips Hue Bridge is not working anymore.

The logs still ask me to press the button, but even if I press the button multiple times the button press is not recognized by OpenHab.

Any idea how to debug this isssue?

Afaik there is an issue in the binding that doesnt detect when pairing was already done.

But it still works after pairing. So ignore message if u can send hue commands

@Mpower - From recollection that was an issue with the v1.7.x of the binding, and has been fixed in 1.8. I haven’t had any problems with pairing…

@tobias - I’d suggest making sure the IP address is correct in openhab.cfg and maybe try updating the secret…

Best regards,

Thanks creating a new secret did the trick…

Excellent, glad to help! :smile: