Hue Binding / Osram Plug / Accepted Item Type = "SwitchItem"

today I got an Osram Smart Plug and connected it to my hue bridge. Then I added it as Thing using Paper UI. But the accepted item type for this Thing is “SwitchItem”. Shouldn’t it be “Switch”. I cannot assign any item, Where does the accepted item type come from and can I fix this somehow? Looks like a bug here.


Where do you see “SwitchItem”? Do you have a screenshot?

The first screenshot shows the Thing with the accepted item type “SwitchItem”. (all my other Swith Things have “Switch”). If I try to create an Item from here also the ItemType “SwitchItem” is used. The creation fails with “invalid ItemType”

This issue seems to be fixed already since some month:

How do I get the updated version of the Binding?

The HUE binding is part of ESH, you will need to upgrade to the latest snapshot.

There are upgrade instructions for all platforms available in the docs:

Thanks! I think I can do so using the openhabian config tool. But up to now I always used the stable version. Is it a bigger risk to switch everything to a snapshot? Or wouldn’t it be better to update the hue binding separately somehow?

Because it is part of ESH it’s a bit complicated to do that. And it may not work at all if the runtime has been changed to match the current HUE binding.

Make a backup and upgrade, no risk (if you do it right -> look at the docs).