Hue Binding -- Paired, but Hue Bridge not Responding

My Hue binding setup has been working for months, successfully controlling several lights with openHAB and with refresh updating status between openHAB and the Hue app, regardless which one is used to make changes.

Problem: As of this AM openHAB (1.8.2) is not able to send commands to my Hue lights and does not see changes executed by the Hue app. Everything works fine from the Hue app itself. Nothing has changed with the Bridge – same IP, and same settings in my openHAB cfg file. No log errors indicating the need to pair. openHAB seems to think it is sending commands to my lights via the app, but having no effect and receiving no status updates. I’ve restarted openHAB several times, with no Hue log errors or Pairing requests.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to unpair/re-pair?

Have you tried re-starting OH in debug mode via one of the start_debug commands? This might provide additional log output that could help in diagnosing the problem…