Hue Binding - Switch On/Off issue with OH2.2

since I update to OH2.2 the On/Off switch is not working anymore on any of my Hue devices.
Neither Hue Iris, LightStrip nor Bulb.
To switch on/off I have to use the Dimmer function instead.
It was working very well with OH2.0 and 2.1. The behavior start happen only with the latest update to OH2.2.

Below item type seems not to have any effect anymore using when using Basic UI

Switch	eg_wohn_lampe_bulb_Toggle	"Essbereich"	(gEG,gLamps)  { channel="hue:0210:hue_bridge:eg_wohn_lampe_bulb:switch" }

Below are still working well:

Dimmer  eg_wohn_lampe_bulb_Dimmer	"Essbereich"	 { channel="hue:0210:hue_bridge:eg_wohn_lampe_bulb:color" }
Color 	eg_wohn_lampe_bulb_Color	"Essbereich"	 [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0210:hue_bridge:eg_wohn_lampe_bulb:color" }
Dimmer 	eg_wohn_lampe_bulb_ColorTemp "Essbereich" 	{ channel="hue:0210:hue_bridge:eg_wohn_lampe_bulb:color_temperature" }

Any clue why this is not working anymore? Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks

Dear Stefan,

the switch channel has been removed. Please use the color channel for 0200 or 0210 bulbs and the brightness channel for 0100, 0110 and 0220 bulbs instead. You are able to map them to a Switch item and send ON and OFF commands to them.

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Many thanks Christoph - it is working perfect :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas


You are welcome.

Merry Christmas