Hue-Binding synchronisation with TV

Hey Community,

is it possible to use the Hue-Binding to synchronize it with the TV like the original Hue App?

I want to use one or two Philips lights at the back of my TV and I want to synchronize it like this:

I know that I need the synchronize box for it but do you think the box can use the emulated Hue bridge from OH to du the synchronization with the lights?


I use

You need to pass the hdmi though it so won’t work with normal tv setup

Hi @maxbe23,

The very simple answer is NO. The hue sync box scans the video data and matches that to the colours needed by the lamps/bulbs. The hue emulation binding is to present none hue things as if they were, thus being able to control say an X10 thing using a voice assistant.

There are a few alternatives to the hue sync box, but most of them use an image sensor rather than the HDMI data and therefore not that great.

The nearest your going to get is to create a script/rule that randomises the colours when your TV is turned on, or maybe when you have a movie playing.

I have limited knowledge and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will turn up soon and add more information



Video about setting up Hyperion.


thanks for the answer. I thought I can trick the sync box from Philips…

Thanks for the help I think than I will go with the Hyperion setup especially I have some left overs like a Raspi 3 :wink:

Thanks for the advices and the hints.