Hue Binding: What is a CLIP Generic Status Sensor?

I can see several Hue items in the inbox in the PaperUI with the title “cycleState” and description “CLIP Generic Status Sensor”. CLIP sensors are referred to in the Hue binding docs but at the moment I can’t visualise what I’d use them for or what data or state they represent.

What sort of things can I do with a CLIP Generic Status Sensor? Can I use them for anything useful in rules? I’ve had a search on here and can’t find anything.

Same for me here. I tried to add the configuration for the things and items defintion as follows:


Bridge hue:bridge:eg "Bridge: Philips Hue" [ ipAddress="philips-hue", userName="" ] {
    0850 routine-test "Philips Hue: Routine 1" [sensorId="91"]


Switch Routine_1_Switch {channel="hue:0850:eg:routine-test:flag"}
DateTime Routine_1_Datetime {channel="hue:0850:eg:routine-test:last_updated"}

As there are twelve “CLIP Generic Status Sensor” in my inbox (besides the one added through textual configuration) and i got twelve routines in my hue app. I am guessing that these can be used to turn routines on and off. However even after adding this thing i got a switch and datetime element on my sitemap, however it doesn’t do anything in my hue app. If i am triggering the switch, it turns directly to off and the timestamp gets updated, but no reaction in the hue app.

Maybe somebody can give us an update on these features.

any updates ? have a lot of “CLIP Generic Status Sensor” in my inbox ???

With the holidays like Halloween, Christmas and so on in the near future (with long dark evenings) I installed a few “formulas” from hue labs via the hue app. They now appear as “clip sensor” in my inbox and respond to switching on and off via the hue app.

The most annoying thing I find is that these formulas are a lot of clicks away in the hue app and seem to redirect you to an external Hue website to be able to switch the formula. Today I was playing around in openhab to make it easier for the wife to operate the formulas. I did this by means of a virtual switch (not linked to any channel) and a rule. When the switch is triggered, it does a “sendCommand(1)” or “sendCommand(0)” to the status channel of the clip sensor. This actually activates (or deactivates) the chosen formula on the lights.

Just find out what formula or routine your clip sensor is for and you can trigger them this way (and rename them to something useful).


Most likely you are using some dimmer or tap switches on your Hue environment to cycle through different color scenes.

CLIP Generic Status Sensor = Variable which can store a number
CLIP Generic Flag Sensor = Variable which can be true or false

These are created automatically when setting up e.g. a new Dimmer Switch guided by the Hue App.

All these sensors are stored on the Hue bridge and are now visible in PaperUI since supported by the binding.

I personally prefer an android app “all4hue” where I can configure more complex scenarios by the help of these sensors natively on the hue bridge.

I can confirm this works pretty well!

When changing the switch in OH the value in my Hue bridge changes between “true” and “false” accordingly.

What exactly do you expect to happen in your hue app via this “Routine”?

If you did not use that flag with sensorId 91 as trigger condition in any of ýour hue routines on your hue bridge nothing visible will happen. If I’m not wrong you cannot see these “Status” or “Flag” sensors in original Hue App. They are visible in e.g. “all4hue” app or you can check the value through http api call:

e.g.<your bridge username>/sensors/91

Also I would recommend to use no special characters in your thing name like “-”.
I had some trouble with this which stopped when I used only lower case characters.

0850 routinetest "Philips Hue: Routine 1" [sensorId="91"]

Switch Routine_1_Switch {channel="hue:0850:eg:routinetest:flag"}