Hue bridge pairing on every reboot altough username is set


There ist still an issue in my installation that is not a BIG problem, because it just occurs when the raspberry has to be rebooted.

I always have to press the pairing button on my hue bridge to initiate a new pairing after a reboot. This is necessary altough I place the username from the log viewer into the definition file afterwards (which in this case is not necessary, because it don’t work anyway :wink: )

In the Hue Portal I can see that the new user is created, but what may be the reason that the old user is not working?

Here is the definition in the things file:

Bridge hue:bridge:001788a2743d “Hue Bridge” [ ipAddress=“”, username=“cHWPHjYe2K51fBWfxXdhtGW9pLmWcRQqF0TKRaG2” ] {
0210 bulb1 “Lamp 1” @ “Kitchen” [ lightId=“1” ]
0210 bulb2 “Lamp 2” @ “Kitchen” [ lightId=“2” ]
0210 bulb3 “Lamp 3” @ “Kitchen” [ lightId=“3” ]
0210 go1 “Go 1” @ “Kitchen” [ lightId=“4” ]

Again: I am thankful for any ideas…


Seems very odd! The thing file looks the same as mine except for the different username.

Hopefully someone else has an answer.