Hue Bridge via Console

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Synology Drive
    • OS: Synology DSM OS
    • Java Runtime Environment: 8.0.212-818
    • openHAB version:
  • Issue of the topic: Hue Bridge via Console
    Note: Generally I’m trying to do my entire setup via text documents instead of via PaperUI. I have successfully (in the past) had Hue bulbs working via PaperUI. Deleted to start from scratch via text files.

HueLights.Things File

Bridge hue:bridge:mybridge [ ipAddress=“” ] {
Thing 0210 bulb1 [ lightId=“00:17:88:01:04:5a:0f:3d-0b” ]

I successfully logged into console and ran this.

Console Input:

hue mybridge username

I get the following output:

Console Output:

Bad thing id ‘mybridge’
Usage: smarthome:hue username - show the user name
Usage: smarthome:hue scenes - list all the scenes with their id
Usage: smarthome:hue scenes - list all the scenes from this group with their id

Trying to figure out why I’m getting “bad thing ID” when I’ve clearly defined it as “mybridge” in the thing file.

Please try to use the full bridgeUID:

    hue hue:bridge:mybridge username

That did the trick. The guide on this really needs some love as things are quite unclear. Thanks!

Sounds good. Fell free to change the documentation. Everyone can do that.

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I’ll try to remember after I get a little more familiar with these text files and how everything pulls together. Thanks again for the assist.