Hue bulb suddenly acting strange


One of the oldest pieces of hardware I use is a hue bulb. It has a simple rule and is switched on at sundown. This has been working for almost three years without a single problem. In fact, there are two bulbs switched on in that fashion.

Since two weeks one of the bulbs is going on/off at random times. The other bulb behaves like it should be. I didn’t tinker with my setup since six weeks or something like that, so I don’t think I implemented an error in some new rules.

Is this how a hue bulb fails? Do I need to update something? It’s just this one bulb going on/off at random times, with no corresponding rule triggered. Does anyone know what might cause this?

Kind regards,

Does it show anything in your logs?

Maybe your Mobile App is interfering!

Interfering in a way that someone is pressing buttons? :wink: that’s not the issue, I checked that. Didn’t find anything in the logs so far, but will continue checking when I see it happening.

I need a tool for better analyzing my logs, it’s a mess… And not helpful in cases like that tbh.