HUE Color Discrepancy reloaded, known Issue, still there in OH3.1

Hi all,
I am a bit lost with the hue binding in OH 3.1:
When changing the colors for hue lamps within the regular phlips app I always had issues with openhab 2.5.11 and with colors not beeing created correctly by openhab afterwards. I then found out, that a setting within hue to warm white gets OpenHab back to normal colors again, for most of the lights.
Now this weekend I had an issue with the power outlets. After turning power on again all hue lamps suddenly have wrong colors (saturation seems too low, color is slightly different than selected).

Different to openhab 2.5.11 I now cannot use my fix (setting color to warm white in hue app) anymore. The colors are rendered all wrong.

I have seen 2 threads already which said “will be fixed in next build” around 2019/2020.

But it seems that the issue is still there!

What can I do to get the same colors in openhab as selected in the hue app? What am I doing wrong?

(One of the threads said “colormode CT” and Colormode “xy” could be the root cause, but I cannot select anything like that within openhab.)

The colors difference is quite anoying and I am hoping somebody will give me a hint to solve this.

To be more precise: When you select the most saturated red color in openhab you get a washed out white/red combination. Warm colors appear very yellow and give me headacke.
Whe selecting the same value in the hue app, all is good.

Maybe Philips is blocking openhab to work correctly?!

Many thanks in advance!