Hue colors in HSV/HSB differ from the Hue app


I just noticed, that I am not able so set my hue color bulb to the same red, as I can do it with the Hue App on my phone.

I send the command: Arbeitszimmer_Color.sendCommand("0,100,80")

This is the HSV color code, i got from the log files, after I set the bulb to the red I want with my hue app on the phone.
But, if I active the same HSV code with the command above with OpenHab, the red is lighter and not so saturated. Why is it not possible to create the same intense red with OpneHab and HSV, like with the original hue app?

Does the hue app support more colors? AM I able to use these extended color range in OpenHab, too?

Does anyone noticed this, too?

cenoman :slight_smile:

I don’t know what color system the Hue app users but it is entirely possible that it uses a color system that supports more colors than HSB. For example, HSV supports 3.6 M colors. RGB, assuming 256 values for each field, supports around 16.6 M colors. There are other color systems as well, reach with a different set of representable colors. There will always be some loss when converting between systems and there will always be some colors that cannot be represented.

It’s a bug in the hue binding. See here.

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