Hue Dimmer Switch Problem Root Cause


I am having a lot of difficulties after moving all my Dimmer switch rules from the Philips Hue Bridge to OpenHab.

Before anyone asks, I am using version 2.5.3 RB.

I have been reading posts on problems with this, and it all revolves around versions of openHAB and the bindings. But I do not think that it is where the problem is at all…

I have been looking at the Hue API, and it appears that a sensor can only give one update per second through the API… And that limitation does not exist in the native Hue operations…

I am using multi-press for my dimmers, and any given pres actually gives 2 instructions, the pres and the release, or hold if that is your flavor. This gives kind of a race condition, especially if you make 3 “clicks” to get to scene 3 on the button.
This is what I believe is the cause for missing instructions from the Dimmer Switches, and the reason why it is slow.

I have 20 or so dimmers in different configurations, and one of the common ones is using the Dimmer
for controlling 4 different units, lights, blinds, audio, etc. And I am using multi-press for turning on and for switching between scenes and hold for shutting the unit off. This way I can, for instance, use one dimmer for controlling all the lights in my living room.

I have also been looking at some SDK’s, but they are also using the API’s, so the same issue applies.

The only solutions I can see right now is :

  1. Move the dimmer rules back into the hue bridge (But my rules are a bit complicated)
  2. Find an alternative Zigbee native channel to use instead, that allows more than one update per second.

Is there anyone Who has figured out how to overcome this issue???


I found the same, and this is one of the minor reasons I venturing into the zigbee-binding.

I got something working, and the rules for this is convoluted and involves both a timer and a global flag. Not readable at all…

Yes, there is “package loss”

@gilliad @NilsOF

Also had problems with the dimmer switch in combination with OpenHAB.

However, I only use the standard scenes and the standard press sequences that are specified in the official Hue app.
Nonetheless, I have defined a few rules in OpenHAB to switch light bulbs ON/OFF in other rooms using the event trigger.

This sometimes worked very unreliably.

Now, in my case, I found out that it was due to a “bad” Zigbee channel. This channel collided with my Wifi. Before it was Zigbee channel 25, now it’s channel 11.

Maybe it also helps in your case?

See here: Hue Bridge: Zigbee channel change

No, I do not think this is rf-related.
It is simply not possible to get all the repeating dimmer-commands thru the chain: remote -> hue-hub -> openhab-binding -> rules in a timely manner.
The reason is the 1 second bottleneck between the hue-hub and binding.

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