Hue Emulation and Deconz Zigbee Options

I’m trying to find the best solution to get my Osram ZHA lightify bulbs to show up and controllable within the Hue APP.

Currently, you can not pair an USA Osram bulb with the Hue Bridge, thus, I’m looking at the Hue Bridge emulation options out there. Osram insists its not possible, yet per google, they used to convert your bulbs once long ago.

I came across diyhue emulation on GitHub, and think that may be what I’m looking for. It installed easily enough directly onto my Ubuntu Server and I was able pair it the the Hue app as well. But I think to use other Zigbee devices with diyhue that diyhue needs Deconz and that may only work with a Conbee or Raspbee? Or will Deconz work with other Zigbee controllers ike the HUS-BZB or a Telegesis Zigbee USB module?


I also came across across esp8266 hue emulation on GIT, but think I need to install Arduino IDE on a linux machine in following the instructions? It mentions using an APPImage which I’m unfamiliar with. I hope to try more with this later this week if possible.


And the main reason I am looking at these 2 hue emulators is that I think the Hue-Emulation binding for OH2 is currently broken and can not pair that to HueApp?

Well, I’ve made some progress but have 1 possible question someone else may have come across or possibly suggestions.

So I set DIYHue for Hue Emulation and was able to copy over my existing Hue Bulbs to the DIYHue Emulator.

I was also able to setup Deconz with a Conbee Stick and was able to then pair an Osram Bulb to it.

Then I was able to link the Deconz to the DIYHue Emulator, and I have success seeing this Osram Bulb now in my HueApp. Something I have wanted for a very long time, but does require 2 bridges talking to a DIYEmulator.

But, my problem/concern is that I noticed on the Osram bulb that I can now control with the DIYHue Emulator is.

  1. Physically turning off a light switch is not updating the light status in the Hue App.
  2. When turning the light physically back on, the light goes back to full power, and not to last state/color.

I know the Osram lights do remember their last state when physically turned off and back on. But now controlling this light via the Hue App, it no longer does that? So is that Hue software issue?

I also noticed this same behavior when controlling with Deconz. If I set a color, then turn physically turn off the light, Deconz also does not recognize the light is off and when turned back on, the light goes back to full power.

So do think I have an issue with the Deconz and Rest API not working or something else?