Hue Emulation and Door Locks

In migrating from to my own hosted OH cloud, I’ve discovered that Hue Emulation doesn’t play well with items tagged as Locks. With the official Alexa skill, I can say, Alexa, is the front door locked, or Alexa, lock the front door. Using Hue Emulation instead, Alexa does not find items tagged as Lock. Tagging the lock as Lighting allows Alexa to find it, but then my syntax has to change to, Alexa, turn on the front door lock. I know I can create an AWS developer account and create a beta skill that links to my own cloud server, but I was trying to avoid that. Is there any workaround any of you have found for this limitation, or is there Lock support being developed in the foreseeable future for Hue Emulation?

To expose an item on the service, apply a supported tag (which are “Lighting”, “Switchable”, “TargetTemperature”) to it.

So that settles whether Lock is supported or not.

I do not know if there is an issue open to add that feature and I honestly have no idea what repo is being used to develop it. I would guess it is over at

Search for Hue Emulation Issues and if there isn’t one that addresses this please create one. I can’t guarantee someone will add it or how long it will take (its an open source project after all) but it definitely won’t be added if no one raises the issue.