Hue Emulation Color Items

Is anyone working on adding “Extended color light” or “Color light” support to the Hue Emulation IO Binding?

All items get advertised as “Dimmable Light” from the HueDevice class and assume mapping HSBType to one of the two would work:

public class HueDevice {
    public HueState state;
    public String type = "Dimmable Light";
    public String name;
    public String modelid = "LWB004";
    public String uniqueid;
    public String manufacturername = "openHAB";
    public String swversion = "66009461";
    public Map<String, String> pointsymbol;


It seem to be done in openhab 2.4 milestone 7

HueEmulation IO binding: Support Coloured bulbs (#4216) (detail / githubweb )

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Not sure if it’s working properly, I’m using the latest snapshot and while it now has has
"hascolor":true alexa still doesn’t seem to think it that device supports color. I think maybe a the other color details and options need to be added as well