Hue emulation does not respect tags

Hi dear community,

I am in the process of migrationg my Openhab 2.X installation to Openhab 3.1 (it’s quite a lot of work since it seems to have grown immensely).
Currently I am trying to set up the hue emulation (3.1.0) to be able to use Echo devices. Unfortunately it does not expose my items as I expect and I don’t know what I am doing wrong…
Issue 1: I want several dimmable lights exposed and since all lights showed up as “on/off light” only, I added the “Lighting” tag according to the documentation:

Nonetheless, they still show up as “On/off light”:

Issue 2: There are WAY too many items exposed as “sensors” and I caanot even think, why some things are exposed. I tried the “internal” tag according to documentation, but they still show up:


Any ideas would be highly appreciated!



In the meantime I found out that changed tags will be evaluated if I uninstall/reinstall Hue emulation. Is there an easier way to force “re-evaluation” of these tags?