Hue Emulation in OH 1


I got a new Logitch Harmony Companion yesterday and I would like to integrate the additional Home automation buttons into OH (2 bulbs, up / down for rolleshutters, 2 plugs).

I read a lot about the option of the philips hue emulator (aka Amazon echo Binding) for this matter, but it seems it’s for OH2 only.
Is there any option running the hue emulator in OH1 ??
thanks in advance.

There is not , it’s oh2 only unless someone wants to try and back port it.

Damn it :wink:
Thanks, @digitaldan
So it’s possibly a good time for migration to OH2 …

If you really want to connect Alexa to openHAB1, you can use the echoBridge

I have it running on my cubieboard which also runs openHAB1.

Hi Hans-Jörg,

Thanks for the tip. Actually I wanted to connect my harmony hub with OH, but this seems to be covered by the ha-bridge as well :slight_smile:
I will give it a try and might get back with new questions :wink: