Hue Emulation & Logitech Harmony

Short about my Setup
Openhab 2.4 on Windows VM
Already Using a real Hue Bridge integrated in my Logitech Harmony Remote.

Now I want to expose my Openhab Stuff with the Hue Emulation Service.
Installed the Service and activated Pairing Mode - but my Logitech Harmony App does not find the Emulation Service.
When going to …rest/services/org.openhab.hueemulation/config I see pairing enabled. Also Logfiles states its in Pairing Mode.
Any clues?
Doesnt it work when there is a real Hue Bridge also in the Network?
Best Regards

Is the VM running Windows or is the host OS Windows?

Do you have the network set up bridged or NAT’ed for the VM?

I believe Hue requires broadcast networking packets so if your OH instance is isolated in any way from the rest of your network those broadcasts will not make it to the machine.

I would update to 2.5 lots of hue emulation fixes and changes since 2.4.

Just tried the update to 2.5.2 - But still same Problem with pairing.

The HyperV Host and the VM both runs Windows Server 2019.
You mean the virtual Switch? Configured as External and “allow management operating system to share network adapter” checked.
Other Integrations like Loxone Binding or Neeo work without Problems

Any Ideas why it is not working?
Any Chance to Test the Broadcast?