Hue Emulation + Paring enabled = flooded inbox - Why?

Hej there,
after activating “Device Pairing” my inbox got flooded with items. Even though I have only one of my items tagged as [“Switchable”].

Was this sopposed to happen?
Echo/Alexa (App) discovered this item. So I don’t know why they are in my inbox.

And most items I have multiple times in my inbox.

The 2nd item is the one I have tagged:

Thanks for your input

Hi @rancor187,
this is just one speculation that came to my mind:
Could it be, that you are using the Hue Emulation (= offer items within OH as Hue-items, so e.g. Alexa can detect and control them) and the Hue Binding (=detect physical Hue items, so OH can control them)?
In that case, I could imagine that the Hue Binding will also detect items, which OH itself is offering through the Hue emulation.


Hej bastian,

indeed I use the Hue Binding as well as the Hue Emulation Service.
But I’m still confised about that. I checked my inbox again and the items are dimmers and switches and I guess its every dimmer and switch from my .items files.

Anyways, I put them to my ignore list for now.

Thanks for your response

Hey, I try to explain another - hopefully better - way.

  1. What your Hue Emulation shouts out, when you enable pairing:
    “Hey outside world, look at me, I am (prentending to be) a Hue Bridge. Look at these devices, I have to offer, which you can control.”
    (“these devices” are the ones, you have specified (PaperUI or item files) and marked with a label like ["Switchable"] to be available via the Hue Emulation.)

  2. What your Alexa does, when it searches for new devices:
    “Hello - are there any Hue Bridges offering devices? What are your devices? I see - now I can add them to my list of Smart devices, so I can control them.”

  3. What the Hue Binding does - automatically through the autodiscovery of the Inbox:
    “Hello - are there any Hue Bridges offering devices? What are your devices? Ok, I’ll auto-add them all to the Inbox.”

So voilá: 3. is picking up all the items from 1.

What do you use the Hue Binding for?