Hue emulation , Philps hue app not finding the bridge


I have a openhab 2.2.0 on a raspeberripi running on port 80, installed the hue emulation and the hue binding.
My items are recognised and shown in controls (2 sonoff with tasmota with no emulation on both devices).
The things "openHab Hue emulation " and the 2 other switch are online.

I don’t have a phisical hue bridge neither a google home.

When I try to discover the hue bridge through the google assistant it send me through the website and try to link my bridge but never find it.

I cant see any error in openhab.log

Is it possible to add the hue emulation into google assistant? if Yes am I missing something?

Thanks for your help

Google removed that functionality in an update a while back. Unfortunately Hue Emulation no longer works with Google Home or Google Assistant.