Hue Emulation - Scene selection

I created a couple of Switch items to use as scenes. For example one is called “Away”. When it turns on then all lights turn off and heaters are set to lower temperature - all that using a rule. I marked the switch with the “Switchable” tag so it does appear as option on my Echo. It only works when I say things like “Turn Away on” which isn’t very natural.

  1. I would prefer to say something “I’m leaving” or “I’m gone” etc. Is this possible?
  2. For debugging purposes, is there a url which returns the list of options/devices offered by the hue emulator so that I can see what Echo gets as options?

as far as i understand the label is used as the command. i will build something similar - Night and day mode with: “Alexa Godd Morning” and “Alexa, Good Night” but i havent tried it.


Amazon echo only supports out of the box switching and dimming. I’m afraid you can’t do anything else right now. But an openhab skill is going to be released by the myopenhab Foundation.