Hue Emulation UPNP server now starting on

I installed the binding a few days ago and had it all working with my Harmony RC Light Buttons controlling my Z-Wave Lights, perfect! At that time the openHAB logs showed that both the Discovery IP and the UPNP Server was running on “” (same as my openHAB Instance).

I can not longer control my lights from Harmony, and I see in the logs that the UPNP server is now starting on & I can’t see an option to change it back (Note: Discovery is still running on")


Edit: Running on Windows 10

FYI - the issue was not with the UPNP IP address, it was that my Logitech Remote Controls had removed their link to the Hue Emulation Binding (no idea why, but maybe it was the change from to Anyway, went back into MyHarmony and just reassigned the Light Buttons to the openHAB exposed light.

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