Hue emulation with official Hue App

I am playing around with Hue Emulation service a bit and I am having some issues.

Basically I installed the Hue Emulation service and configured the tags for my items. Then I tagged two of my lights to see if they will show up in the Hue app.

In the Hue app on my phone I paired the emulated bridge and I could immediately see the two devices that I tagged. The only issue is - I can’t control them because I can’t configure any rooms in the app. I just get a quick warning that pops up in the app and disappears immediately, but nothing else happens.

So I am wondering… should this be working or is it just not implemented? Seeing how this is meant more for integrating with other services I am guessing that you don’t need rooms.
If it should be working… what am I doing wrong?

I am using OH 2.5M1 if that matters.