HUE Emulator don't work any more

After updating my Openhab to the recent developer build (after about 40 Days), my HUE Emulator does not expose items any more.

I tried to reinstall the emulator, but it does not change it. When try to use troubleshooting tips as described here: I’ getting only a “404 Not Found”. Also, when I investigate the Configuration of the service the timeout for Device pairing is not working. It is switched on forever.

Your post does not contain much info (what system, what exactly is the developer build - if snapshot, which one, errors in log file, etc), pls read this: How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You.
But just a warning, if you are using snapshots, they are currently broken and you may want to use 2.50M1 or 2.4.0.

Thanks @lipp_Markus that was the right hint.

I was on 2.5.0~S1535-1 and downgrading to 2.5.0~M1-1 fixes my issues.