Hue for API v2 [;


This is an extension of the official openHAB Hue binding with added support for Hue API v2 (CLIP v2).

There is also a Hue for API v2 binding for openHAB v4.x in the Marketplace.

Pre-requisites: this binding requires the Jetty Http2 features which are not part of openHAB v3.4.x distribution, and the UPnP transport feature which is sometimes not automatically installed. So before installing please i) download the Jetty-Http2-Feature-Jars, ii) drop them in the /addons folder, iii) enter the following commands at the console command prompt, and restart your system.

bundle:list | grep "HPACK" // note the bundle id (e.g. 999)
bundle:start-level 999 30 // use the bundle id from above
feature:install openhab-transport-upnp


Philips / Signify introduced a new Application Programming Interface (API) for their Hue system, known as API v2 (or CLIP v2). Over time, the old API will become obsolete, and be replaced by the new one. The binding contains all the API v1 functionality, and adds support for API v2 things as well. Some benefits of the API v2 version are…

  • Supports current and future Hue devices and features
  • Replaces the 15 different Thing types in v1 with a single Device Thing type
  • Things have dynamic channels created according to their actual features
  • Implements SSE (server sent events) to provide real time status updates
  • Uses HTTPS over HTTP2 for improved speed and security



This version of the binding includes all the code for API v1, so any things created in a v1 system will continue to function as before. However it also includes support for API v2 things. These v2 things are not the same as the v1 things, so this is a breaking change from existing things. However if existing things are present in the system when the new things are created, then the new things will take over as much of the existing thing settings as possible.

Release notes

  • 2023-05-12 first stable release on Marketplace.